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Chapter 2

Chris POV

i was so confused i didn’t know what to tell Robyn, i wanted to lie because i didn’t want to ruin our chance of being together, but if i tell the truth my lies won’t catch up to me and i can start a clean slate with Robyn as i was thinking what to do when Robyn interupted my thoughts…

"Christopher?" she said

"Yea Robyn"

"You ok?" she asked

"Yea I’m fine"

"Well do you have a girlfriend?"

i was thinking what to do again and i decided….. to….. tell the truth i didn’t want to start bad with Robyn by lying and plus she can tell when i’m lying so telling the truth is the right thing to do

"to be honest Robyn… yes i have a girlfriend" i said

"oh" she said

i can tell she was sad and i would drop Kae to be with Robyn i mean i don’t even like Kae like that she’s a whatever… when it comes to Robyn i’d take a bullet for her you have no idea

"Robyn please don’t be sad.. i love you.. i’m IN LOVE with you and no one can take your place and replace you" i said and i meant every word

"I love you too Christopher but i don’t want to start drama in your "relationship" soooo yea"

"I understand"

"So tell me about her, what’s she like" 

"Well her name is Karrueche and-"

"Wait what is her name" she asked


"Karr-who" she said

"Just call her Kae"

"Can i see a picture of her?"

"ok" i pulled out my phone and showed her a picture

"Ummmmmm…." she said


"I don’t mean to sound like a racist but uh…"

"What? what is it Robyn" i asked

"She look like a rice cake" she said with a straight face

i laughed “Why? why Robyn”

"Well she do" Robyn shrugged

"i can’t with you"

"Well i’m sorry please continue" she said

"Nothin much to say really she just someone i can hangout with and she’s nice"

"Ok when did y’all meet" she asked curiously

"2010" i said

"Ok i see" she said

Robyn POV

Chris told me about his girlfriend and i couldn’t pronounce her name… not my fault, so now that Chris told me he has a girlfriend i was sad because i love him but he has a girlfriend and i ain’t tryna ruin that relationship… Nope Robyn Rihanna Fenty is not gonna be known as a relationship wrecker… I REFUSE… but i’m happy that he told me the truth and didn’t lie… i was thinking when Chris started talking to me again

"Sooooo do you have a boyfriend?" he asked

"Nope i’m single" i said 

"Are you forreal?" he asked 

"Yup nobody diving in this cooch" i said crossing my legs

he laughed “how long haven’t you gotten some”

"2 years" i said puttin my head down

he laughed more “You Dead ass?”

"Yes Christopher and i’m proud too cause i ain’t gonna catch no STD, AIDs or no damn Herpes" i said proudly

he laughed even more “I’m sorry i laughed Robyn it was just funny”

"it’s ok but when you catch STD or anything else i’m gonna be the one laughing so laugh now" i said


i was cracking up he was so silly

"ok Christopher calm down i was just playing"

"I Know" he said

i was about to reply but his phone starting ringing and it was his girlfriend… whatever… he looked at me and i told him to answer it and he did… you see i’m his motherphuckin boss and he’s my peasent/my bitch i mean i tell him to jump and he’ll say how high? that’s how bad i am

Chris POV

Me and Robyn were having a great time when Kae called me -________- Robyn didn’t seem bothered tho she told me to pick up and i did… i was kinda wondering why Robyn wasn’t mad but then again Kae ain’t got shit on Robs so i see why… i picked up the phone and put it to my hear

Me: Hello?

Kae: Yea, hey babe where you at?

Me: I’m at a friends house

i wasn’t lying because well me and Robs just got in contact with each other and we’re talking like best friends sooooo….. yea

Kae: Oh, when you comin home?

Me: i don’t know to be honest with you

I looked at Robyn and she was watching TV not paying attention to my convo

Kae: Oh, well um…. tonight i’m going to Greystone and i was wondering are you gonna be there?

Me: um….. i don’t really know i’ll get back to you on that ok

Kae: Ok babe, i’ll talk you later

Me: ok bye

i ended the call, put the phone on silent and turned my iPhone off cause i wasn’t tryna have no motherfucker ruin the time i have with Robyn because i would kill a nigga or bitch for that shit

"what she say?" Robyn asked

"she asked me where i was and if i was able to go to Greystone tonight with her" i said

"And?" she said

"i told her i was at a friends house and i’m not sure if i’m goin to Greystone because i’m in the mood to just still today with my BFF" i smiled

Robyn looked at me and blushed “BFF?”

"Yea BFF i mean me and you catchin up so yea" i said

"Nigga no, that’s some white shit and i don’t see no white people up in this bitch" she said

i laughed “Robyn i swear you cray”

"I know that’s what motherfuckers love about me i’m funny" she said brushin her shoulders

"Ooooooook" i said laughing

"Nigga da fuck so funny i mean a nigga wanna laugh too" she said with a straight face

i chuckled “Nothing Robs nothing at all”

"Oh ok that’s what i though cause yo yella ass know you better stay silent when yo boss talk to you" she said

Hol up…. Hol da fuck up…. Robyn got me fucked if she think she control me

"whatchu say?" i asked her 

"Nigga i know i didn’t stutter ok, if you cleaned the shit out ya ear you would hear me clearly" she said

"Haha you ain’t talkin to me like that i ain’t nobody’s peasent and or bitch" i said

"You ain’t nobody’s peasent/bitch but you my peasent/bitch" she said

"how you figure that Robs" i asked curiously

"because nigga when yo phone was ringing yo ass looked at me for confirmation, i said pick it up and you did, ok if i say jump you will say how high" she explained

"ok Robs you got me there but you wasn’t talkin all that shit when i was makin you scream my name out loud" i said smiling

"Whatever Christopher that was 3 years ago tho, and we in 2012" she said

"I can still make you do that" i said standing up

"Chris please not now we just met up and i want us to take it slow and plus you have a girlfriend remember" she said

"Giiiiiirl i wasn’t gonna give you the dick anyway and yea i want to take it slow too" i said

i really meant what i said about taking it slow i don’t wanna make the same mistakes, i got another shot with Robyn and i ain’t gonna fuck it up for nobody, Not Kae, Not No Thirsy ass Hoes and bitches NOPE me and Robyn will make this work and that’s a promise imma make to myself

"So whatchu wanna  do now Robs" i asked sittin down

"Wanna do some best friend shit?" she asked 

"Sure" i said

i couldn’t wait this was better than nothing, i finally got MY girl back and i thank God for this i’m not going to mess it up no not this time….

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